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Going beyond customer service and keeping customers for life doesn't just mean doing things right. Learn to exceed expectations by doing the right things, at the right time, as defined by your customers.


Duration: 3 Days

Lagos Venue

106 Apapa Road beside
Zenith Bank Lagos.

Fee: N75, 000. VAT Incl.

4 - 5 participants: 5% discount
More than 6 ppl: 10% discount

Class Session

9:00am – 4:00pm daily.
(In plant training available upon request)
WEEKDAY CLASSES Aug. Mon 8 - Wed 10

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Training Overview:

This course is the first milestone of the journey to entrepreneurship land!!! It addresses how an entrepreneur can design and create a complete, concise, compelling and consistent message to a pre-targeted audience (early adopters) through an offering. The value proposition signals the reason(s) why customers should buy from you and not existing competition. This Unique Compelling Advantage (UCA) is essential for every startup.

Course Outline

Ideation and conceptualization – where do great ideas come from?

Thinking process:

  • Convergence thinking.
  • Divergent thinking.

Understandings need theory:

  • Abraham Maslow theory of need.
  • Mc Clelland's theory of the need.
  • Neuro-Marketing perspective.

Why people buy:

  • Pain points.
  • Gain points.
  • Emotional offering.

Evaluating your business idea:

  • Viable.
  • Marketable.
  • Scalable.
  • Feasibility.
  • Sustainability.

Forms of innovation and application:

  • Evolutionary.
  • Revolutionary.
  • Sustaining.
  • Disruptive.
  • Efficient.

Designing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Designing your Minimum Viable Pitch (MVP)

Achieve Product / Solution fit.

Alpha testing:

  • White box testing.
  • Black box testing.

Case study.

Questions and answers.

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