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Empower yourself to expand your role and opportunities. Achieve real and quantifiable returns by building a high level of interpersonal, planning and problem solving skills.


Duration: 3 Days

Lagos Venue

106 Apapa Road beside
Zenith Bank Lagos.

Fee: N75, 000. VAT Incl.

4 - 5 participants: 5% discount
More than 6 ppl: 10% discount

Class Session

9:00am – 4:00pm daily.
(In plant training available upon request)
WEEKDAY CLASSES Aug Mon 22 - Wed 24

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Course Overview:

Whether you're rebuilding your marketing program from the ground up or leading the first campaign of your organisation, this course will help you lay the foundation for a successful marketing endeavor. In this course, we will explain marketing role in an organization; provide frameworks for analyzing a business, its customers, and its competitors; shows how to develop a successful marketing strategy and use that strategy to inform everything from pricing to promotion.

You'll also learn to address tactical challenges and present the plan to get buy-in throughout an organization. Finally, you'll learn how to launch the campaign and measure its performance.

Topics include:

  • Marketing in an organization
  • Assembling the team – Sales Force Formation
  • Creating the marketing plan
  • Analyzing your products, customers, and market
  • Segmenting customers
  • Creating a value proposition
  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Setting goals
  • Setting prices
  • Using social media
  • Presenting your plan to leadership
  • Budgeting your plan
  • Measuring success

Course Outline:

1. Introduction

  • Welcome

2. Understanding Marketing Role

  • Marketing in an organization.
  • Understanding the planning process.
  • Assembling the team.
  • Creating the marketing plan.
  • Understanding B2B vs. B2C marketing.

3. Analyzing Your Business

  • Focusing on your core business.
  • Determining your marketing plan's scope.
  • Researching the competition.
  • Analyzing your products.
  • Analyzing your customers.
  • Analyzing the buying process.
  • Analyzing your market.

Developing Your Strategy

  • Segmenting your customers.
  • Targeting your customers.
  • Positioning your message.
  • Setting goals, activities and pivoting.

5. Developing the Tactical Phase

  • Understanding the 4Ps model.
  • Creating the right products and services.
  • Setting prices.
  • Communicating price.
  • Setting promotional objectives.
  • Sending your promotional message.
  • Using social media to promote your products.
  • Understanding distribution channels.
  • Designing distribution channel.
  • Integrating all four Ps.

6. Aligning the Organization

  • Presenting to leadership teams.
  • Educating the sales team.

7. Launching and Measuring Your Plan

  • Budgeting
  • Measuring key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Calculating break-even points
  • Calculating customer lifetime value
  • Conclusion
  • Addressing organizational challenges
  • Mastering marketing thinking

8. Case study and group presentation

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