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Duration: 5 Days

Lagos Venue

106 Apapa Road beside
Zenith Bank Lagos.

Fee: N75, 000. VAT Incl.

4 - 5 participants: 5% discount
More than 6 ppl: 10% discount

Class Session

9:00am – 4:00pm daily.
(In plant training available upon request)
WEEKDAY CLASSES April Mon 25 – Fri 29 Aug Mon 22 – Fri 26.

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Are you an entrepreneur?

1. Finding Your Big Idea:

• Finding a problem to solve. • Playing in your own field. • Playing to your distinctive strengths. • Determining whether you have a business or a hobby. • Finding your first customer. 2. Starting Your Business: • Writing a business plan. • Setting prices. • Deciding between online vs. brick and mortar. • Building a business / financial model. • Deciding on a legal structure. • Protecting your intellectual property. • Gearing up operationally. • Bootstrapping your business. 3. Building a Team: • Hiring the right people. • Deciding on a cofounder. • Getting the right advisors on board. • Tapping into networks of expertise. 4. Marketing Your Business: • Telling your story. • Building a website. • Chasing customers until you catch them. • Serving your customers. • Refining your business idea. • Becoming a thought leader.

5. Scaling Your Business:

• Learning to negotiate. • Using the right metrics. • Minding your cash. • Put failure in its place. • Managing stress. • Documenting processes.

6. Funding Growth:

• Understanding capital options. • Crowdfunding. • Pitching investors. • Valuing your company. • Reaching a deal. • Conclusion.


1. Finding Your Most Valuable Customers

  • Discovering your most valuable customers (MVCs).
  • Increasing business with MVCs.

2. Setting Fees and Prices

  • Setting prices for services and products.
  • Knowing when to raise or lower prices.

3. Cultivating Entrepreneurial Curiosity

  • Asking yourself powerful questions.
  • Enlisting employees and customers in innovation.
  • New This Week - Growing into a Mature Business.
  • Considering future leadership needs.
  • Putting it all together.

4. Working with Family and Friends

  • Establishing guidelines with family and friends.
  • Managing family and friends.

5. Creating a Business Plan

  • Exploring the elements of a simple plan.
  • Reviewing and using a single-page business plan.

6. Starting a Hobby Business

  • Considering the leap from passion to business.
  • Making the transition to full-time business owner.

7. Discovering Your Most Valuable Service or Product

  • Finding your most valuable service or product.
  • Dropping your least valuable service or product.

8. Bootstrapping Your Business

  • Launching a business with little or no money.
  • Operating on a shoestring budget.

9. Creating Culture

  • Determining your company vision.
  • Building company values.

10. Getting Organized

  • Managing your time.
  • Tracking expenses and receipts.

11. Marketing with Social Media

  • Deciding on your channels.
  • Crafting a multi-platform message.

12. Small Business Accounting

  • Understanding small business accounting.
  • Reading a financial report (P&L and Balance Sheet).

14. Increasing Sales in Your Business

  • Understanding the role of sales in small business success.
  • Developing your sales system.

15. Testing Whether You Have an Idea or a Business

  • Separating ideas from viable business opportunities.
  • Testing your business concept.

16. Hiring Employees

  • Crafting a job and pay range.
  • Interviewing candidates.

17. Motivating Employees

  • Discovering what truly motivates people.
  • Developing people and paths.

18. Seeking Capital

  • Crafting your pitch.
  • Finding funding opportunities.

19. Working With Difficult Customers

  • Working through complaints.
  • Helping customers who aren't right for your business.

20. Letting Employees Go

  • Determining when to part ways.
  • Making a smooth transition.

21. Generating New Sales Leads

  • Generating sales leads offline.
  • Generating sales leads online.

22. Maintaining Focus as a Business Owner

  • Staying productive each day.
  • Avoiding opportunity traps.

23. Thinking Like An Entrepreneur

  • Adopting an attitude of abundance.
  • Getting rich your own way.

24. Dealing with Competition in Business

  • Viewing your competitors productively.
  • Making the most of business competition.

25. Avoiding Blind Spots

  • Using the entrepreneur's mirror.
  • Getting guidance outside of your business.

26. Creating a Customer Experience

  • Seeing your business through your customer's eyes.
  • Using the five senses to create an experience.

27. Networking for Small Business

  • Understanding the power of networking.
  • Making the most of networking opportunities.

28. Building Accountability into your Small Business Culture

  • Understanding the basics of accountability in small business.
  • Correcting employees when needed.

29. Dealing with Business Failures

  • Embracing the challenge of entrepreneurship.
  • Moving past business failures.

30. Improving Sales Systems

  • Working with scripts to improve sales.
  • Utilizing best practices to close more deals.

31. Giving Back

  • Understanding why charitable causes are critical for business.
  • Determining which cause is right for your business.

32. Setting Goals for Small Business

  • Simplifying the goal-setting process.
  • Measuring your success.

33. Channeling Your Motivation

  • Why you deserve success.
  • Maintaining confidence as a business owner.

34. Building a Small Business Exit Strategy

  • The importance of an exit strategy (no exit strategy).
  • Exit strategy options.

35. Building Customer Loyalty

  • The role of customer loyalty.
  • Building a customer loyalty strategy.

36. Building Employee Loyalty

  • Understanding the role of employee loyalty.
  • Building an Employee Loyalty Strategy.

37. Structuring a Small Business

  • Building a basic organization chart.
  • Avoiding common small-business-structure mistakes.

38. Branding Your Small Business

  • Crafting your company story.
  • Gettting publicity with the authority ladder.

39. Dispelling Big-Business Illusions

  • Filtering the big-business perspective.
  • Competing with big businesses.

40. Understanding if Entrepreneurship Is Right for You

  • Avoiding common pitfalls of entrepreneurship.
  • Assessing your entrepreneurial readiness.

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