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Empower yourself to expand your role and opportunities. Achieve real and quantifiable returns by building a high level of interpersonal, planning and problem solving skills.


Duration: 4 Days

Lagos Venue

106 Apapa Road beside
Zenith Bank Lagos.

Fee: N75, 000. VAT Incl.

4 - 5 participants: 5% discount
More than 6 ppl: 10% discount

Class Session

9:00am – 4:00pm daily.
(In plant training available upon request)
WEEKDAY CLASSES May Tue 24 - Fri 27 Sept. Mon 5 - Wed 7 Nov Mon 14 - Thur 17

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Course Overview:

Will your Sales and Service Culture move your organisation to the next level? High-performing banks achieve greater profitability, increased productivity, and an all-important competitive edge. Strengthening your sales and service culture will lead you to becoming a high performing organisation.

"Sales culture" should mean different things to different banks, organisations, depending upon their current strategic plan, long-range business plan, market penetration and senior management vision and commitment. It is the engine that drives employees towards peak performance. In order to achieve that peak performance, employees need to understand what they are expected to accomplish and more importantly, why. There is not one approach that will work for all organisations. You choose the pace in which to proceed; the level of commitment regarding time and resources. A sales culture must reflect the management style in order to succeed! In other words, your bank's environment must support your sales culture. Therefore, the first step in developing a sales culture is defining what sales culture means to your orgaisation.

Objective of this training session:

  • Increased Sales/Profits
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality Customer Service
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Internal Quality Service

Section 1: - Designing A Sales Plan

Setting up Sales goals:

  • Setting SMART Sales goals.
  • Leadership - Creating direction -
    •    + Setting target accounts
    •    + Timelines
    •    + Simulation - Playing with figures
    •    + Create a sales budget section based on the financial resources needed to meet set sales objective
  • Bottom up vs Top down strategy
  • Communicate Plan - Strategic sales / revenue goals

Design sales structures and support activities:

  • Sales training – Job skill, Sales skills and Attitude
  • Selling process – Set revenue producing activities
    •    + Pre sales activities – documentations
    •    + Post sales activities – documentations
  • Objection handling and Closing techniques

Measuring activities and results:

  • Freedom against Restriction
  • Variance analysis and prompt corrective actions
  • Cause and effect analysis
  • Repositioning

Section 2: - Designing A Sales Funnel

Understanding why people buy – Part 1:

  • Why People Buy?
  • Consumer buying lifecycle and stakeholder management system.
  • Value proposition & USP

Understanding Why People Buy (Theories) - Part 2:

  • Meeting emotional need people are willing to pay for
  • Maslow's Hierarchy
  • Products & Services

Creating Magnets: Effective magnets that attracts:

  • Landing Page Introduction
  • A/B Testing
  • Turning Browsers into Buyers

Keeping customers: Lead Management & Nurturing:

  • Lead Management –
    •    + Qualifying your leads
    •    + Conversion rate/energy
  • Getting Found Online
  • Lead Nurturing

Creating Resale and referral system: Creating the multiplier and leverage:

  • Lead Management
  • Lead Nurturing

Section 3: - Designing A Sales Culture

Follow your salespeople:

  • Ask questions
  • Look for symptoms
  • Document lessons learnt
  • Design critical success factors
  • Monitor daily activities

Develop your Killer squad:

  • Do a SWOT analysis on your sales team
  • Theory X and Y
  • Consistency of purpose
  • Prune every month

Compensation plan:

  • Communicate result on a weekly basis
  • Communicate reward and punishment
  • Recognise top leaders performer
  • Develop a mantra
  • Elevate your team

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