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Empower yourself to expand your role and opportunities. Achieve real and quantifiable returns by building a high level of interpersonal, planning and problem solving skills.


Duration: 3 Days

Lagos Venue

106 Apapa Road beside
Zenith Bank Lagos.

Fee: N75, 000. VAT Incl.

4 - 5 participants: 5% discount
More than 6 ppl: 10% discount

Class Session

9:00am – 4:00pm daily.
(In plant training available upon request)
WEEKDAY CLASSES Feb. Mon 1 - Thur 4 May Tue 24 - Fri 27 Sept. Mon 26 - Thur 29

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Course Overview:

The number 1 challenge of businesses is inadequate customer and market development. This training is a specialized training fashioned to help businesses grow their revenue by at least 30% in the first 3 months. The ultimate aim is to create at least a work plan to build a customer base that love and can pay for your product and services.

Course outline

Market/Customer segmentation strategies:

  • General MS strategies.
  • Structural.
  • Need based.
  • Sales effectiveness.
  • Blue ocean strategy.

Identify and differentiate between the players in the buying process – Sales Stakeholder Management Strategy.

  • The Users.
  • The Consumer.
  • The consultants.
  • The purchaser.
  • The competition.

Understanding cash sources and flow.

  • Understanding basic economic model - How money is created.
  • Understanding how money circulates.

Early Adopter Theory (EAT) - Focus on a village before a city.

  • The diffusion theory.
  • The trickle-down effect.
  • The Everett Roger Diffusion of innovation.
  • Mass market effect.

Designing a Minimum Viable Market(MVM)

  • The Total addressable Market.
  • The Segmented Addressable Market.
  • The Segmented Obtainable Market.

Designing the Minimum Viable Channel and Partners.

Get out of the building - Beta testing.

Scaling to Mass market

  • Pre Chasm.
  • Crossing the chasm.

Case study

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