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Business Consulting At Charles & Gold Consulting

At Charles and Gold Consulting we recognize the gap and serve as a bridge between the supply and the demand side of the market.

At Charles & Gold consulting, we trust nothing to chance or gamble. We construct and implement carefully thought-out plans for our methodology and framework with a view to generating maximum value for our clients.

Are you confident that your business model can take you to the next level? Do you have a strategy in place for accelerating your sales and asset growth? How will you scale your firm for growth? What steps should you take to elevate your service model? Do you measure your marketing efforts and returns? Do you have a plan to put your effort in control? Do you have a backup plan or fortified fall-back position? If you have a little doubt about these questions, that is where we come in!!!

Human Resources/ Recruitment

Successful firms are committed to providing high-touch service while building a profitable and efficient business. We have found that best managed firms are the top 20 percent of firms based on productivity, profitability and revenue growth. This is primarily attained by using effectively leveraged human capital and technology to lay a solid foundation for growth. Hence, we train, recruit and deploy human resources upon request to obtain optimal return on Human investment.

Marketing and sales

In times past, Henry Ford exploited and focused on the product rather than the market and it worked until the emergence of other forces such as competition and customer intelligence. Today, more than ever, the customer determines our success!!! Hence, marketing must play a role in achieving overall company objectives. Your success as a CEO rest on two major factors namely your market share and your margin. Great CEOs across all industries are determined to get more from marketing—and to measure results. This calls for more thoughtful strategies, more decisive allocation of resources, and sharper focus on implementation and execution capability.

Brand strategy

A brand is a distinctive idea of a product or service with instant recognition, consistent associations, a clear promise, strong emotional connection, and high consumer value that is imprinted in the consumer's mind. Thus, your brand cannot be built up simply by advertising; rather, a rigorous brand transformation must occur. What you sell is a brand not a product!!!

Sales and Channels

In many ways, sales professionals are the face of the company. Your products are as good as their drivers - Your Sales Team (YST). They have 2 simple responsibilities; to find and keep customer in the most efficient and effective manner. However, these tasks are becoming more challenging as customers, channels, and markets evolve rapidly. The ability to manage, innovate and create new sales channel with competent sales team and model is a major factor to increase market share and dominance.

Risk management

Risk management is the art and science of identifying, quantifying, and proactively / consciously managing risks—and it is a key factor for value creation in all industries. Given today's unstable three-speed economy, every business needs to evaluate and improve its risk-management capabilities. A continuous analysis of emerging positive and negative risk is critical to continuous destructive innovation. You are in business because you take risk and recognise corresponding returns. Risk (negative) is itself a threat to company's profit, present and future earnings. Dealing with risk is protecting your life or investment from loss of value or earnings.

Do you need a training space or a conference room at affordable rate?
Do you want to sublet a training facility for as long as 6 months or a year?
We know what you need, we have furnished, fully air conditioned and very comfortable training rooms that can take capacity of 10, 20 and 30 participants.

Available tools & services:

  • 1. Projector.
  • 2. Display TV.
  • 3. White market board.
  • 4. Dedicated presenter.
  • 5. Dedicated parking space.
  • 6. Uninterrupted power supply.
  • 7. Wireless internet connect (uninterrupted download).
  • 8. On-site technicians & hospitality staff

Our training room is also available for board, team meetings, training sessions, presentations and interviews.

The room is open for booking for both weekdays and weekend (Sunday inclusive) and discount is available for more than one day booking.

Venue: 106 Apapa Road beside Zenith Bank Lagos.

You could view these spaces any time at your convenience.

Call us today on Ojei on 0811-1111-1296 or Seun on 0811-111-1298 for booking today.

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